The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. G.O. 529

Monday, the 10th of
December, A.D. 1934

In the matter of the General Order of the Board No. 527, dated 25 October, 1934, prescribing regulations governing the payment of charges on international freight shipments (other than coal and coke, except petroleum, creosote, tar or pitch coke), including advance charges payable to United States carriers, when United States funds are at a discount in Canada; and the application of the Railway Association of Canada for an amendment to the said General Order No. 527.


S. J. McLean
Asst. Chief Commissioner

F. N. Garceau
Deputy Chief Commissioner

T. C. Norris

J. A. Stoneman

G. A. Stone

Upon reading what is filed in support of the application, and the report and recommendation of the Chief Traffic Officer of the Board,—

It is Ordered: That General Order No. 527, dated October 25, 1934, be, and it is hereby, amended by adding at the end thereof the following paragraph, namely:—

(d) Surcharge will not be assessed nor discount allowed where the amount of such surcharge or discount in the case of any shipment is less than ten cents.

And that the railway companies be authorized to amend tariffs accordingly on three days' notice.

S. J. McLean
Asst. Chief Commissioner,
The Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada.