The Board of Transport
Commissioners for Canada
Commission des Transports
du Canada

Order no. 117332

Monday, the 26th of
April, A.D. 1965

In the matter of section 270 of the Railway Act respecting signboards and the marking of such signboards with reflective material at certain highway crossings of the Canadian National Railways:


J .E. Dumontier
Deputy Chief Commissioner

W. R. Irwin

It is hereby ordered as follows:

  1. During the calendar year 1965, the Canadian National Railways shall erect and mark, and shall thereafter maintain, signboards at all crossings of their railway and highways listed in Appendix A to this Order, and auxiliary signboards at such crossings where there is more than one railway track, such work to be performed as hereinafter set forth.
  2. At every, crossing listed in the said Appendix A to this Order there shall be erected two signboards, one on each approach, but where at any such crossing one such signbo~rd is already erected on one of such approaches only one additional such signboard shall be erected on the other approach.
  3. The words Railway Crossing (and in the Province of Québec, the words Traverse de Chemin de Fer also) on signboards at all such crossings, and the digits prescribed 1n paragraph numbered 4 on auxiliary signboards shall be marked in black over a white background, or a background as nearly wh1te as possible, of a reflective material satisfactory to the Board, and so as to face oncoming highway traffic.
  4. At each such crossing where there is more than one railway track, an auxiliary signboard, on which the number of tracks shall be shown in digits, shall be placed on the supporting post of each signboard.
  5. The said signboards and auxiliary signboards shall be erected and maintained in compliance with the Railway Act and Orders and regulations of the Board.
  6. Should either automatic protection be installed at any crossing referred to in the said Appendix A, or should such crossing be closed, the Company shall be relieved from the obligation of placing reflectors on the signboards at such crossings.
  7. Eighty per cent of the cost of erecting the said reflectorized crossing signs, or the sum of $99,360.00, whichever is the lesser, shall he paid out of The Railway Grade Crossing Fund, and the balance of the said cost shall be borne and paid by the Canadian National Railways.
Appendix A to Order No. 117332.
List of unprotected crossings at which reflective material is to be placed on railway crossing signs

J .E. Dumontier
Deputy Chief Commissioner,
The Board of Transport Commissioners for Canada.