The Board of Transport
Commissioners for Canada
Commission des Transports
du Canada

Order no. 113118

Friday, the 17th of
January, A.D. 1964

In the matter of Section 312 of the Railway Act respecting speed limitations imposed following accidents at highway crossings at rail level:


J. M. Woodard

W. R. Irwin

Whereas by Chapter 28 of the Statutes of Canada 1963, Section 312 of the Railway Act was repealed and a new Section 312 substituted therefor; and

Whereas as a result of such substitution subsection 2 of the repealed section 312 became subsection 4 of the substituted section 312; and

Whereas said Chapter 28 came into force on December 12, 1963; and

Whereas in the Orders listed hereunder the references made to subsection 2 should read subsection 4—

It is hereby ordered as follows:

The Orders listed hereunder are amended by deleting in line 2 of each such Order the numeral 2 and substituting therefor the numeral 11411: