Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada
Order No.: 53963
Hearing date: 1937-02-08
Summary: Directing that, with respect to non-competitive carload traffic between local stations on C.P.Ry. and Beach Furniture Ltd., involving interswitching movements by Cornwall St. Ry. Light & Power Co., as intermediate carrier, and C.N.Rys. as terminal carrier, the provisions of G.O. No. 252 are applicable and require the C.P.Ry. as line carrier to absorb not less than (a) one-half of tolls charged by terminal carrier under sec. 5, as qualified by sec. 9 of said G.O. No. 252 (b) one dollar and fifty cents per car, irrespective of weight, in respect of tolls charged by intermediate carrier; provided that line carrier, unless its tariff is lower, charge $12 per car for its haul between interchange and point of shipment, or destination, when by reason of such absorption, its line charges would otherwise be less than that amount.
Railways:Canadian National Rys. (C.N.Rys.), Canadian Pacific Ry. (C.P.Ry.), Cornwal Street Ry. Light & Power Co. (C.St.Ry.)
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