The Board of Transport
Commissioners for Canada
Commission des Transports
du Canada

Order no. 60712

Saturday, the 19th of
April, A.D. 1941

In the matter of the application of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, under Section 165A of the Railway Act and Section 2 (3) of The Canadian National-Canadian Pacific Act, 1933, and all other appropriate statutory provisions, for approval of the abandonment of operation of that part of its line of railway, in the Province of Ontario, between Cataract and Fergus, a distance of 24.68 miles.


J. A. Cross
Chief Commissioner

Hugh Wardrope
Assistant Chief Commissioner

J. A. Stoneman

Upon hearing the application at the sittings of the Board held at Guelph, Ontario, on February 12th and 13th, 1941, in the presence of Counsel for the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, Canadian National Railways, Grand River Conservation Commission, the Townships of East Garafraxa, West Garafraxa, Eramosa, and Erin, the Village of Erin, County of Wellington, and the Village of Elora, the evidence offered, and what was alleged—

It is ordered: That the application be, and it is hereby, dismissed.

J. A. Cross
Chief Commissioner,
The Board of Transport Commissioners for Canada.