The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 3238

Wednesday, the 3rd of
July, A.D. 1907

In pursuance of the powers conferred upon it by the Railway Act secs. 30, and 269, and of all other powers possessed by the Board in that behalf, the Board orders that every railway company subject to the legislative authority of the Parliament of Canada operating a railway by steam power, equip, within the times hereinafter mentioned, each of its passenger coaches with two fire extinguishers, to be placed one at each end of the car—at the end of the hallways, with framed and printed notices of instruction as to the proper method of using the same in case of fire, as follows: In cars to be constructed in the future for use on their said railways, before they are so used; in cars under construction or in shops undergoing repairs, within six months from the date of this order; in cars at present in use on their respective railways, within 18 months from the date of this order. The said fire extinguishers to be such as shall be approved by the Board, diagrams and descriptions of which shall be furnished by the railway companies respectively. That every railway company have the said fire extinguishers inspected and recharged once in every three months; cause records of such inspections to be kept by the foremen in charge of the passenger coaches at the different terminals where inspections are made; and see that copies of such records, certified by such foremen, are regularly forwarded to the Board. That every such railway company be liable to a penalty not exceeding $25 for every failure to comply with the foregoing regulations within the time for their coming into force, and thereafter.