The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 3251

Tuesday, the 2nd of
July, A.D. 1907

In the matter of the complaint of Watson Jack & Co., of Montréal, alleging that in consequence of the action of the railway companies, importers are unable to obtain through bills of lading, as formerly, from European ports to rail points between Montréal and Dorval; and that the railway companies will receive goods from the steamship companies at Montréal, when destined to Blue Bonnets, on the G.T.R., only at shipper's load and count. Upon reading what has been alleged on behalf of the complainants and the G.T.R., and upon the report of its Chief Traffic Officer, and the consent of the G.T.R, the Board orders that the rate on imported iron or steel, Montréal, in carloads, from the Montréal wharves to the company's siding, serving the Simplex Railway Appliance Co., be 2 1/2¢ per 100 lbs., including the service of checking the goods from the steamship to the car, the said rate, however, to be exclusive of cartage, handling, and wharfage.