Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada
Order No.: 22189
Hearing date: 1914-07-10
Summary: Disallowing notice cancelling exception of interswitching service between G.T.Ry. sidings on town spur at Fergus and C.P.Ry. from operation of General Interswitching order 4988, Jul. 8, 1908, and effective Apr. 15, 1914, by Supp. 15, to G.T.Ry. Special Tariff C.R.C. no. E.2457, and ordering that toll of $3 a car for said service, as published in tariff E.2457, be restored on lawful notice within 10 days from date.
Railways:Canadian Pacific Ry. (C.P.Ry.), Grand Trunk Ry. (G.T.Ry.)
Related orders:4988