The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 26200

Friday, the 8th of
June, A.D. 1917
Re application of New York Central Rd., lessee of Ottawa & New York Ry. under sec. 228 of the Railway Act, for an order requiring that the Ottawa & New York and the Grand Trunk Railways' tracks be so connected at or near Ottawa as to admit of the safe and convenient transfer or placing of locomotives, cars, and trains from the tracks or lines of the one railway to those of the other; and that such connection be maintained and used, as shown on the plan on file with the Board.

Upon the report and recommendation of the Chief Operating Officer and an engineer of the board, and proof of service or notice of the application upon the G.T.R.,

it is ordered that the applicant company be authorized to connect the Ottawa & New York Ry. tracks with those of the G.T.R. as shown on the said plan.