Application to stay dismissed by
Amended by
G.O. 226

The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. G.O. 199

Tuesday, the 24th of
July, A.D. 1917

In the matter of the equipment of locomotive engines with electric headlights.


H. L. Drayton
Chief Commissioner

D'Arcy Scott
Assistant Chief Commissioner

W. B. Nantel
Deputy Chief Commissioner

S. J. McLean

A. S. Goodeve

In pursuance of the powers conferred upon it by sections 30, 268, and 269 of the Railway Act and of all other powers possessed by the Board in that behalf, and upon the reports and recommendation of its Operating Officers, it is ordered as follows:

  1. That every railway, subject to the legislative authority of the Parliament of Canada, be, and it is hereby, required to equip its locomotives used in road service, between sunset and sunrise, with headlights which will enable persons with normal vision in the cab of a locomotive, under normal weather conditions, to see a dark object the size of a man for a distance of 1,000 feet or more ahead of the locomotive; such headlight to be maintained in good condition.
  2. Every locomotive used in road service, which is regularly required to run backward for any portion of its trip, except to pick up a detached portion of its train, or in making terminal movements, to have on the rear a headlight which will meet the requirements of this order.
  3. Nothing in these regulations shall prevent the use of a devise whereby the light may be diminished in yards and at stations to an extent that will enable a person or persons operating the locomotive to see a dark object the size of a man for a distance of 300 feet or more ahead of the locomotive under normal weather conditions.

It is further ordered: That these regulations be, and they are hereby, made applicable to all new locomotives acquired for road service, and to all road locomotives given a general overhauling subsequent to the date of this order, and that all road locomotives of the railway companies within the legislative authority of the Parliament of Canada be equipped in conformity with the requirements of these regulations not later than the first day of January, 1921.

And it is further ordered: That every such railway company failing to comply with the requirements of the provisions of these regulations will be liable to a penalty of $100 for each failure to comply therewith.

H. L. Drayton
Chief Commissioner,
The Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada.