Amended by
Amended by
G.O. 200

The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 3249

Saturday, the 29th of
June, A.D. 1907

Approving Canadian Freight Classification 13, as submitted by the Canadian Freight Association, with the following alterations:

  1. That the proposed change in the minimum weight of mixed carload shipments between points east of Port Arthur, as provided for in rule 2, sec. b, be disallowed.
  2. That rule 7 be amended by adding to sec. a the following provision: These conditions are intended to cover risks necessarily incidental to transportation, but no such limitation, expressed or otherwise, shall relieve the carrier from liability for any loss or damage which may result from any negligence or omission of the company, its agents, or employes.
  3. That the proposed omission of the reduced rating of stoves that are returned to the shipper after having served their purpose for the protection from frost of perishable shipments, as provided by rule 14, be disallowed.
  4. That the proposed increase in the minimum weight of matches, in carloads, from 20,000 to 24,000 lbs. per car, as provided in the classification, be allowed, subject to the condition that the companies provide by commodity tariffs for the shipment of mixed carloads of matches and woodenware at the minimum weight of 20,000 lbs. per carload, as heretofore.
  5. That rule 20 describing the minimum charge, or smalls rate, be amended to read as follows: The minimum charge for any complete shipment of one or more classes between any two stations of one carrier will be 100 lbs. at 1st class rates, but not less than 35¢

It is further ordered that any person or company violating the provisions of sec. 400, sub-sec. 1, of the Railway Act, shall, in addition to the regular toll, be liable to pay to the company a further toll not exceeding 50 % of the regular charge.

That the said classification become effective not later than Sept. 1, 1907.