Amended by
G.O. 348
Amended by
G.O. 353
Amended by
G.O. 469
Amended by
G.O. 471
Section 3 modified by
G.O. 477

The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. G.O. 271

Wednesday, the 10th of
September, A.D. 1919

In the matter of the Canadian Freight Classification and the Express Classification for Canada, and sections 322 and 360 of the Railway Act, 1919.


S. J. McLean
Asst. Chief Commissioner

A. S. Goodeve

A. C. Boyce

J. G. Rutherford

It is ordered as follows, namely:—

  1. Any reissue of the Canadian Freight Classification, or of the Express Classification for Canada, or any supplement thereto, or any supplement to the issue of either now in force, shall be submitted in printed proof form for the approval of the Board before it is made effective.
  2. Should such proposed reissue or supplement remove any goods from a lower to a higher class, or, in any other way add to the cost of transportation of any goods, notice of the submission thereof shall be published by the applicant in the next two succeeding issues of the Canada Gazette, in the following form:—

    Notice is hereby given that the  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  .. . did on the  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  day of  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  .. , 19 .. ., submit to the Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada, for its approval, the Canadian Freight Classification (or the Express Classification for Canada) No.  ..  .. ., (or Supplement No.  ..  ..  ..  to the Canadian Freight Classification No.  ..  .. , or to the Express Classification for Canada No.  ..  .. .).

    1. Unless, for special reasons, exemption be granted by the Board, the following symbols shall be used in the said proof, and in the approved classification or supplement, namely:—

      An asterisk to denote an addition.

      A large dot to denote an increase in the previous rating, or charge, or cost of transportation.

      A solid triangle to denote a reduction in the previous rating, or charge, or cost of transportation.

    2. A dagger to denote any other change.

    3. Supplements shall show against each increase or reduction a reference to the previously approved item.
  3. The application to the Board shall be accompanied by:—
    1. Three copies of the said proof.
    2. The reasons for proposed changes involving increased cost of transportation.
    3. A copy of the notice furnished to the King's Printer for publication in the Canada Gazette.
  4. One copy of the said proof and of the said notice for publication shall be furnished by the applicant to the following bodies, with the request that fully explained objections, if any, to proposed changes involving increased cost of transportation be filed by them with the Board of Railway Commissioners within thirty days from the receipt of the said proof and notice:—

    • The Canadian Manufacturers Association.
    • The Ontario Grocers' Guild.
    • The Manufacturers' Association of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia.
    • The Fruit Growers' Association of Ontario.
    • The Montréal Chamber of Commerce.
    • The Boards of Trade of:—
      • Belleville, Ontario.
      • Brandon, Manitoba.
      • Brantford, Ontario.
      • Brockville, Ontario.
      • Calgary. Alberta.
      • Chatham, Ontario.
      • Collingwood, Ontario.
      • Cornwall, Ontario.
      • Edmonton, Alberta.
      • Fort William, Ontario.
      • Fredericton, New Brunswick.
      • Galt, Ontario.
      • Guelph, Ontario.
      • Halifax, Nova Scotia.
      • Hamilton, Ontario.
      • Kenora, Ontario.
      • Kingston, Ontario.
      • Kitchener, Ontario.
      • Lethbridge, Alberta.
      • London, Ontario.
      • Medicine Hat, Alberta.
      • Montréal, Québec.
      • Nelson, British Columbia.
      • Ottawa, Ontario.
      • Owen Sound. Ontario.
      • Peterborough. Ontario.
      • Port Arthur. Ontario.
      • Preston, Ontario.
      • Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
      • Prince Rupert, British Columbia.
      • Québec, Québec.
      • Regina, Saskatchewan.
      • St. Catharines, Ontario.
      • St. Hyacinthe, Québec.
      • St. John, New Brunswick.
      • St. Thomas, Ontario.
      • Sarnia, Ontario.
      • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
      • Sherbrooke, Québec.
      • Strattord, Ontario.
      • Three Rivers, Québec.
      • Toronto, Ontario.
      • Valleyfield, Québec.
      • Vancouver, British Columbia.
      • Victoria, British Columbia.
      • Waterloo, Ontario.
      • Windsor, Ontario
      • Winnipeg, Manitoba.
      • Woodstock, Ontario.

    Also, in the case of the freight classification, to the railway companies which are not members of the Canadian Freight Association.

  5. Previous orders or regulations of the Board conflicting herewith are hereby rescinded.

S. J. McLean
Asst. Chief Commissioner,
The Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada.