The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 9128

Tuesday, the 21st of
December, A.D. 1909

Re application of Kemp Manufacturing and Metal Co. and Winnipeg Ceiling and Roofing Co., both of Winnipeg, under sec. 315 of the Railway Act, for an order directing the railway companies to equalize their freight rates on metallic shingles and metallic siding from eastern points to Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, as against the freight rates charged on the manufactured material.

It is ordered that order 653, July 5, 1905, made upon the application or the Canadian Manufacturers' Association and the manufacturers of metallic shingles, directing the C.P.R., the G.T.R., the C.N.R., and such other railway companies as are represented by the Canadian Freight Association, to establish commodity rates on metallic shingles, in carloads, equal to the rates at which metallic shingles, in carloads, were carried immediately before the change of classification in March, 1901, and to apply the same rates on metallic siding, and directing mixed carloads of the two articles to be carried at the rate charged on straight carloads, in so far as it relates to or has affected shipments to points west of and including Port Arthur, from points in Canada east thereof, and from Winnipeg and St. Boniface, Man. be rescinded.

It is further ordered that order 1004, dated March 24, 1906, in so far as it relates to shipments between and within the territories herein before described, be rescinded.

And it is further ordered that order 6188, dated Feb. 2, 1909, made herein, dismissing the application, be rescinded.