The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 9160

Thursday, the 6th of
January, A.D. 1910
Re complaint of Winnipeg Jobbers and Shippers Association alleging unsatisfactory service rendered by railway companies in connection with shipments of freight to flag stations and applying for an order directing the companies, where the traffic warrants, to appoint permanent agents to take charge of business at such stations:

It is ordered:

  1. That all railway companies subject to the Board's jurisdiction within six months from the date of this order, do construct and maintain, upon their lines of railway, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, at stations (other than regular agency stations) from or to which freight (l.c.l.) and passenger traffic is carried, suitable shelters or waiting rooms for the accommodation of freight and passengers, the said shelters to be provided with proper doors and windows and not to be below the standard of plans and specifications attached, no. 1 (A or B, as may be decided upon).
  2. That appurtenant to the said shelters and at proper and convenient locations, shall be erected within the time aforesaid, proper and convenient platforms and approaches.
  3. All freight traffic delivered to such points shall be placed in the said shelter, and the carrier shall not be relieved from liability under the release approved by order 6242, unless this direction is complied with.
  4. That at all stations or shipping places upon the said railway from or to which the total freight and passenger earnings of the company for the last fiscal year, or where the average earnings for the last three fiscal years, amount to not less than $15,000, of which $2,000 shall represent inward traffic, the said railway companies shall forthwith construct and equip suitable and proper stations, not to be below the standard of plans and specifications attached, no. 2, and shall likewise forthwith appoint and continue a permanent agent at such point of points.
  5. That at all non0agency points where the business of the company consists solely or principally of grain shipments and the same amounted to at least 50,000 bush. for the previous year, temporary grain agents shall be appointed and continued during the grain shipping season, being from September 15th to December 31st, in each year.