The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 9362

Monday, the 24th of
January, A.D. 1910
Re application of Canadian Asbestos Co., of Montréal, for a carload rating of 5th class on asbestos goods with or without cotton waste and oakum, in mixed carloads, more particularly with reference to shipments to Canadian points west of the lakes, or for a commodity tariff to western points on the same 5th class basis:

It is ordered

  1. That in the Canadian Classification the ratings of asbestos goods, excepting moulded pipe covering, packing, and rope, be reduced, where now higher, to 5th class in carloads, and 3rd class in less than carloads; also that the asbestos items be added to the hardware list, the said changes to be included in the forthcoming amendment to the Canadian Classification when the Board has ruled thereon.
  2. That asbestos boiler and pipe covering be added to pg. 38 of Westbound Transcontinental Tariff C.R.C. 242, in the item which now covers asbestos, n.o.s., asbestos roofing slate, and asbestos building paper and ceiling, at the same minimum carload weight.
  3. That the asbestos ratings shown at pg. 38 of the Westbound Transcontinental Tariff C.R.C. 242 he not advanced by reason of the carload commodity rate of $1.20 per 100 lbs. on certain articles of asbestos, cotton waste and oakum, to B.C. Pacific Coast terminals, shown at pg. 27 of Supplement 4 to said tariff, published and filed since the hearing, and that the subsequent application for reduction of said commodity rate of $1.20 per 100 lbs. be refused.
  4. That the companies having since the hearing published and filed a commodity rate of 5th class on mixed carloads of asbestos goods, and cotton waste and oakum, to Nelson, B.C., Rossland, B.C., and Nelson and Rossland common points, the subsequent application with respect to the Kootenay rates be refused.