Clause j cancelled by
Amended by
Clause h rescinded by

The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 3258

Saturday, the 6th of
July, A.D. 1907

In the matter of the applications of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association and the shippers who were heard and represented at the hearings held by the Board in Windsor and Chatham, Ontario, in May, 1906; and of the Toronto Board of Trade of the City of Toronto,

Upon hearing what was alleged on behalf of the applicants and counsel for the railway companies, the evidence adduced, and upon the report and recommendation of its Chief Traffic Officer, the Board orders:

  1. That the special local class tariffs (known as town tariffs) of the G.T.R. Co., the C.P.R. Co., the Michigan Central Rd. Co., the Pere Marquette Rd. Co., the Wabash Rd. Co., the Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Ry. Co., and the Canadian Northern Ontario Ry. Co., east of the Detroit and St. Clair rivers, Lake Huron, and the Georgian Bay, and North Bay (east and south bound), and south of the Ottawa River, be reduced so as to place them all on the same mileage scale; and that for this purpose the table of mileage rates, particularly set forth in the schedule hereto annexed, marked A, which is hereby made part of this order, be adopted as the bases by the said companies, subject to such reductions from the said mileage table between common or competitive points as may be considered necessary under the authority contained in the Railway Act, sees. 315 and 329, the rates in all cases to be based on the shortest workable mileage; subject also to Toronto rates on the basis of 3(5¢ 1st class as the maxima from points on the Canadian side of the Detroit and St. Clair rivers to points intermediate to Toronto; and to the present rates as the maxima from Hamilton to points north of Beeton Jct. and Allandale.
  2. That, subject to clause d of this order, for the purpose of compiling through special winter and summer class freight tariffs from points west of Toronto to points east thereof, the territory south of and including the G.T.R. Co.'s main line Toronto to Point Edward, via Stratford, be divided into groups on the principle now existing, but modified by the mileage table referred to in clause a of this order; all points on the Welland Canal to be included in the Fort Erie-Stoney Creek group, and the rates to Montréal to be as outlined in the memorandum of the Toronto conference of May 23, 1907, as follows:
    1st Class From—
    Windsor, Amherstburg, Courtright, Sarnia, Newbury, Alvinston, and Forrest 58¢
    From Intermediate points east to and including Hyde Park 56¢
    London, St. Thomas, St Marys, Thamesford, Port Bunveil, and Port Rowan 54¢
    Woodstock, Ingersoll, Stratford, Waterford, and Port Dover 52¢
    Berlin, Gait, Brantford 50¢
    Guelph 48¢
    Fort Erie, Suspension Bridge, Port Colborne, Welland St. Catharines, Grimsby 48¢
    Hamilton, Dundas, Oakville, and Georgetown. 46¢
    Toronto 44¢
  3. That the territory north of that covered by clause b and west of and including the G.T.R. Co.'s line between Toronto and Barrie, be similarly grouped and the rate table referred to in clause a applied, but with the rates for equal distances in the territory covered by clause b as minima.
  4. That from points competitive with the lake and river lines, the companies may publish from and to such competitive points, during the season of navigation, such commodity rates as may be necessary to meet the competition of the water carriers, and shall also publish from Toronto and Hamilton to Ottawa and Montréal, and intermediate points, competitive class tariffs on the basis now existing, but not to exceed the mileage rates referred to in the said clause a.
  5. That the through rates from the aforesaid groups be reasonably graduated to points east of Toronto on the basis outlined for the G.T.R. Co.'s main line at the Toronto conference of May 23, 1907; with corresponding scaling along the C.P.R. Co.'s line.
  6. That the east bound rates from the territory east of Toronto and Orillia, and east of and including Depot Harbor, Parry Sound and North Bay, be in accordance with the mileage table referred to in clause a, having regard to the adjoining group rates under clause c.
  7. That to points in Québec west and east of Hull, and east and south of Montréal, on the G.T.R. and C.P.R. companies, the through rates from the grouped territory as efined in clauses b and c, be arrived at in accordance with the following scale, namely:
    First-Class To—
    Aylmer over Hull
    Gatineau to Buckingham, inclusive
    East of Buckingham Junction to and including St. Augustine; north and south of Ste. Therese Junction to and including St. Jérôme and St. Eustache over Montréal.
    Ste. Therese Junction to Ste. Rose, inclusive
    St. Vincent de Paul to Joliette, inclusive
    Lanorais to Three Rivers, inclusive including Berthier
    East of Three Rivers to Québec, inclusive 10¢
    East and south of Montréal to and including Ste. Rosalie, St. Johns, St. Isidore, Howick Junction and Ste. Cecile Junction
    Doucet's Landing, Victoriaville, Dixville, and east of Ste. Rosalie, also south of points named in preceding group (C.P.R. group to correspond)
    East of Victoriaville to Point Lévis 10¢
  8. That no special commodity rates now existing, which may be lower than the corresponding class tariff rates herein prescribed, shall be advanced by reason of the changes herein ordered, or without the sanction of the Board.
  9. That the said railway companies and their connections in the United States be permitted to substitute the Canadian Freight Classification for the Official Classification from Detroit and Port Huron, and from points west thereof via the Detroit and St. Clair River crossings; also from Buffalo and Suspension Bridge, N.Y.; and, where necessary, from points south and west thereof via the Niagara frontier; and to scale the lower classes on the first-class rates now existing.
  10. That the rates from Canadian points on the Detroit and St. Clair river frontier to all points east to the Atlantic and north to the Ottawa River shall in no case exceed the rates from Detroit and Port Huron.
  11. That in the adjustment of the international rates referred to in clause i, the rates on raw materials from points in the United States to points in Canada shall not be advanced at the instance, direct or indirect, of the companies operating in Canada, by reason of the changes in the rate basis herein permitted or prescribed.
  12. That no change shall be made in the west bound rates from Montréal to the grouped territory west of and including Toronto and intermediate points, as a consequence of this order of the Board.
    Schedule A
    Distance Groups
    rates per 100 lbs.
    To 5 miles 8 cents.
    6 10 10
    11 15 12
    16 20 14
    21 30 16
    31 40 18
    51 60 22
    61 70 24
    71 80 26
    81 95 28
    96 110 30
    111 140 32
    141 170 34
    171 200 36
    201 230 38
    231 260 40
    261 290 42
    291 320 44
    321 350 46
    351 380 48
    381 410 50
    411 440 52
    441 480 54
    481 520 56
    521 560 58