The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 22915

Wednesday, the 25th of
November, A.D. 1914
Re: application of Village of Coldwater, Ont., for an order directing the G.T.R. and the C.P.R. to provide interswitching facilities there:

It is ordered that 30 days from date the C.P.R. construct a transfer track between its railway and the G.T.R. at Coldwater, so as to provide for the reasonable receiving, forwarding, delivering, and interswitching of traffic between their respective railways; the C.P.R. to file, within 15 days from date, plans showing the proposed interchanged tracks for the approval an engineer of the Board; the C.P.R. to keep an accurate and detailed account of the expense of putting in the tracks. That the Applicant supply a bond to cover one-half of the cost of the work of constructing the interchange tracks; such sum, or so much thereof as the Board may later, and after investigation, deem proper, to be paid over on and according to the Board's direction; and for the determination of such sum to be so paid over, the applicant, and the C.P.R. and G.T.R., shall keep an account of the cars received and shipped over the transfer track during 12 months following its completion.