Rule 26 (d) amended by
G.O. 179
Rule 23 amended by
G.O. 191
Rule 26 (d) amended by
G.O. 262
Amended by
G.O. 450

The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. G.O. 151

Monday, the 8th of
November, A.D. 1915

In the matter of the interim order of the Board, No. 195, dated October 17, 1904, authorizing the use of forms of bills of lading and other traffic forms, until the Board should otherwise order and determine; and the consideration of the matter of the proposed regulations governing baggage car traffic in Canada.


H. L. Drayton
Chief Commissioner

D'Arcy Scott
Assistant Chief Commissioner

W. B. Nantel
Deputy Chief Commissioner

S. J. McLean

A. S. Goodeve

Upon reading the said proposed regulations filed by the railway companies, copies of the said regulations having been sent to the Canadian Manufacturers' Association, the Montréal Chamber of Commerce, the Ontario Wholesale Grocers' Guild, and the Boards of Trade of St. John, New Brunswick, Québec, Montréal, Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Hamilton, Brantford, London, Winnipeg, Brandon, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, Vancouver, Victoria, and Nelson; and reading the written submissions filed in support of the application and on behalf of the parties named, as well as the Commercial Travellers' Association of Canada, the Ontario Commercial Travellers' Association, and various individuals interested, numerous conferences between the officers of the Board and the parties interested having taken place,—

It is ordered:

  1. That the following regulations attached hereto and marked A governing baggage car traffic be, and they are hereby, prescribed for the observance of every railway company within the legislative authority of the Parliament of Canada, other than Government railways, therein referred to as the carrier.
  2. That the said regulations come into force on the first day of January, 1916.

H. L. Drayton
Chief Commissioner,
The Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada.