The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. G.O. 268

Friday, the 25th of
July, A.D. 1919

In the matter of the application of the Express Traflic Association on behalf of the express companies within the legislative authority of the Parliament of Canada, for a general increase in rates; also the applications of the cities of Montréal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Lachine, London, Walkerville, Ottawa, Vancouver, Regina, Fort William, Prince Albert, and Halifax, the University of Saskatoon, residents of Outremont, and the Exhibition Association, Limited, of Edmonton, for increhised free collection and delivery areas; the applications of the village of Bancroft, Ont., and the town of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, for the establishment of a free delivery service; and the application of the express companies for restricted collection and delivery limits in the city of Québec.


H. L. Drayton
Chief Commissioner

W. B. Nantel
Deputy Chief Commissioner

S. J. McLean

A. S. Goodeve

A. C. Boyce

J. G. Rutherford

Upon hearing the applications at the sittings of the Board held at Ottawa, Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver, Victoria, Nelson, Vernon, Lethbridge, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Fort William, Sudbury, and Moncton, on the 7th, 8th, 18th, and 24th days of January and the 19th day of March, 1919, the 13th day of January and the 5th day of February, 1919, the 16th day of January, 1919, the 14th day of February, 1919, the 17th day of February, 1919, the 21st day of February, 1919, the 19th day of February, 1919, the 24th day of February, 1919, the 25th day of February, 1919, the 26th day of February, 1919, the 28th day of February, 1919, the 1st day of March, 1919, the 3rd day of March, 1919, the 5th day of March, 1919, the 7th day of March, 1919, and the 24th day of March, 1919, respectively, in the presence of counsel for and representatives of the Express Traffic Association, the Canadian Express Company, the Dominion Express Company, members of the Boards of Trade of the cities of Ottawa, Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver, Lethbridge, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Charlottetown, and Summerside, the towns of Yorkton and Kenora, the Canadian Manufacturers' Association, the National Dairy Council, the Ottawa Wholesale Fruit Shippers, the Montréal Chamber of Commerce, the Montréal Produce Merchants Association, the Canadian Fish Association, the Canadian Fish and Cold Storage Company, the Department of Fisheries, the Canada Food Board, the International Harvester Company, the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company, the British Columbia Fruit Growers Association, the Wholesale Fish Dealers Association of British Columbia, the Canadian Fish Company, the greenhouse industry, the Commissioner of Fisheries for the Government of the Province of British Columbia, the Gordon Head Company of Victoria, the Hatzic Fruit Growers Association, the British Columbia Growers, Limited, the Kootenay District Fruit Growers, the Department of Agriculture for the Province of British Columbia, the Northern Okanagan Creamery Association, the Salmon Arm Farmers Exchange, the Kootenay Lake Farmers Institute, the Arrow Lake Farmers Institute, the Crystal Dairy of Lethbridge, the milk and cream shippers of Calgary, the Swift Canadian Company, the United Farmers of Alberta, the Saskatoon Pure Milk Company, the Saskatoon Brewing Company, the retail Merchants Association of Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Co-operative Creameries, the Western Canada Dairymen's Association, the Regina bread shippers, the Steele Briggs Seed Company, the Vipond Fruit Company, the Crescent Dairy Company, the Milwood Cream Producers, and the Belmont Cream Producers, other shippers appearing in person, the evidence adduced, and what was alleged; and upon reading the written submissions filed, judgment, dated July 17, 1919, was delivered by the Chief Commissioner and concurred in by the members of the Board, copy of said judgment being attached hereto,—

It is Ordered: That, subject to the terms of the said judgment of July 17, 1919, which is hereby made part of this Order, the tariffs issued under the authority of and in conformity with the judgment be, and they are hereby, required to be published and filed at least five days previous to the date on which they are to become effective.

And it is further Ordered: That the express freight collection and delivery plan outlined in the judgment be given effect to, and charts of the boundaries thereunder be posted for the information of the public, with the least delay consistent with the ascertainment by the companies of the necessary data and the acquirement of any necessary additional equipment.

W. B. Nantel
Deputy Chief Commissioner,
The Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada.