Rescinded by

The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 26166

Wednesday, the 30th of
May, A.D. 1917
In the matter of the complaint of R. Curran, mayor of the town of Orillia, Ont., against the lack of proper station accommodation at Orillia, on the line of the Grand Trunk Railway Company:

D'Arcy Scott
Assistant Chief Commissioner

A. S. Goodeve

File no. 27446

Upon hearing the complaint at the sittings of the Board held at Orillia, April 24, 1917, the town of Orillia, the Orillia Board of Trade, and the railway company being represented at the hearing, and what was alleged; and upon an examination by the Board of the locus in quo,—

It is ordered: That the Grand Trunk Railway Company be, and it is hereby, directed to erect a passenger station at Orillia, Ont., to be located adjacent to the end of Peter street; the said railway company to file, within thirty days from the date of this order, a plan showing the location of the station and other facilities and tracks; the work to be completed by October 1, 1917.

D'Arcy Scott
Assistant Chief Commissioner,
The Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada.