The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 837

Saturday, the 14th of
October, A.D. 1905

In the matter of the applications of E. Williams & Co., proprietors and operators of the stone quarry at Rockspur, on the Teulon Branch of the C.P.R., about 33 miles north oi Winnipeg; and of the said E. Williams & Co., Patterson & Co., Irwin & Son, and the Winnipeg Supply Co., doing business at or near Stonewall station, on the said branch, as quarry men and dealers in rubble and crushed stone, complaining that in respect of the tolls for the carriage of the products of the applicants' quarries to Winnipeg, the C.P.R. Co. charges other persons, firms, and corporations lower tolls for the same or similar services than it charges to the applicants under substantially similar circumstances and conditions, whereby an undue preference is given and an unjust discrimination is made against the applicants, for an Order, under sec. 251 to 254, inclusive, of the Railway Act, 1903, directing the C.P.R. Co. to restore the former rate of 2 3/4¢ from the applicants quarries at Rockspur and Stonewall, or fixing some other rate as a uniform rate from all the quarries on the Teulon branch, or for such other relief as to the Board may seem proper.

Upon hearing counsel for the applicants and the railway company, the evidence adduced and what was alleged; and upon the report of the Chief Traffic Officer of the Board:—

The Board orders that the C.P.R. tariff, published Aug. 26, 1905, increasing the rate on rubble and crushed stone from the applicants' quarries to 3 1/4¢ per 100 lbs., be disallowed, and that the former rate of 2 3/4¢ per 100 lbs. from Stonewall, Rockspur, and Gunton, to Winnipeg, be restored not later than Jan. 8, 1906.