The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 838

Friday, the 22nd of
December, A.D. 1905

In the matter of the application of the British Columbia Distillery Co. for a reduced rate of freight from any point on the Vancouver, Westminster, and Yukon Ry. Co.'s tracks, adjacent to the C.P.R. tracks on Front Street, New Westminster, for the purposes of the applicants' distillery at Sapperton, B.C.

Upon hearing counsel for applicants, the Vancouver, Westminster, and Yukon Ry. Co., and the C.P.R. Co., the evidence adduced, and what was alleged; and upon the report of its Chief Traffic Officer—

The Board orders that on grain and malt in carloads of not less than 30,000 lbs., received at New Westminster from outside points, over the C.P.R. rails, consigned to the applicants' distillery at Sapperton, the Vancouver, Westminster, and Yukon Ry. Co. do forthwith establish a freight rate of 2 1/2¢ per 100 lbs. from any point on its tracks on Front St., New Westminster, convenient for the purpose, to the applicants' siding at Sapperton, the cost of transhipment from the cars on the C.P.R. tracks to the cars on the V., W. & Y.R. tracks to be borne by the applicants; and that the said freight rate be published and filed with the Board, as required by sec. 262 and 274 of the Railway Act, 1903; this order to be and continue in force only until the V., W. & Y. R. tracks are joined with the C.P.R. tracks in New Westminster, and the Board shall have made an order dealing with the switching arrangements between the said two railway companies within the city of New Westminster, the said last mentioned order, when issued, to be substituted for and supersede this temporary order.