The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 976

Tuesday, the 17th of
October, A.D. 1905

In the matter of the application of the Winnipeg Builders' Exchange, under sections 23, 214, 253, 271, and 272 of the Railway Act, 1903, for an order directing the C.P.R. Co., the Canadian Northern Ry. Co., and the Manitoba Ry. Co. to interchange freight of all grades and classes at Winnipeg.

Upon hearing counsel for applicants and the railway companies, the evidence adduced, and what was alleged—

The Board orders that on and after Jan. 1, 1906, all freight in carloads shall, when carried over the C.P.R., or the Canadian Northern Ry. Co., to Winnipeg, or St. Boniface, or when delivered to either of the said companies at Winnipeg or St. Boniface for carriage, be transferred by the one company to the other in the original cars at some point of junction of their lines at or in the vicinity of St. Boniface or Winnipeg, when so consigned by the shippers.