The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 1226

Thursday, the 14th of
December, A.D. 1905

In the matter of the complaint of the R. W. Oliver Milling Co. of Montréal, alleging that the G.T.R. Co. has been and are discriminating against the shippers and receivers in certain sections of the Province of Québec, in favor of the shippers of south-western Ontario, in respect of the rates to points east on grain and on corn meal; and applying for permission to grind grain in transit at their mill at Mile End, Que., at the through rate from the shipping point of the grain to the destination of the product thereof, with the addition of a reasonable charge for the stop-over at Mile End.

Upon hearing what was alleged on behalf of the applicants and the G.T.R., upon reading the answer of the G.T.R. filed, and upon the report of its Chief Traffic Officer, :md it appearing that the milling-in-transit arrangement applied for by the applicants has, since the hearing, been conceded by the C.P.R. Co.

The Board orders that the rates on grain and grain products from points west of Montréal to and including Cornwall, Ont., on the G.T.R., and to and including Finch, Ont., on the C.P.R., and from G.T.R. points south of the St. Lawrence, in the counties of St. John's, Laprairie, and Napierville, Chateauguay and Huntingdon, to points in Québec east of Lévis, and in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, shall not exceed the normal published tariff rates in effect at the same time, on the same commodities, from Montréal, by more than 2¢ per 100 lbs., nor by more than the differences at present existing.