Train Graph Generator

I've been "playing" with the automatic generation of train graphs (a.k.a string charts) using PHP and information from the April 25, 1954 time tables in an SQL database. Currently only regular trains for the Allandale and Belleville Divisions are available. This is very much a work in progress!

Known bugs

  1. Train labels overlapping.
  2. Trains traveling over midnight. [2008-12-13]
  3. Large scales—need to determine maximum image size supported by ImageCreateTrueColor. [2008-12-16]
  4. Train labels when graph is windowed. [2008-12-14]
  5. Graphs don't generated. [2009-04-28]
  6. Superior train not always shown correctly. [2009-05-28]

Future enhancments

  1. Windowing by mileage and time. [2008-12-13]
  2. Selecting level of detail. [2008-12-14]
  3. Scale. [2008-12-14]
  4. Differentiate between superior and inferior direction trains. [2008-12-17]
  5. Show symbols for Bulletin, Crossover, Fuel, Standard Clock, Register, Water and Wye. [2008-12-17]
  6. Multi-subdivision display.

Train Lineup

Creates a lineup of scheduled trains for a station on a particular day of the week.

Jeffrey P. Smith
Lee's Summit, Missouri