The following attempts to provide a brief explanation of website and its organization. Please contact me if you still need help!


All windows have the same general format:

The bottom of every page should provide the date when it was last updated.


Provides a listing of the various acronyms used in the website, which are grouped as follows:


Provides the highest level organization of the C.N.Rys. in Ontario, which fell under two Regions:

From this view, you can "drill down;" to the Divisions, within Ontario, for each District.


Provides the intermediate level organization of the C.N.Rys. in Ontario. From this view you can "drill down" to the Subdivisions, within Ontario, for each Division or "drill up" to the parent District.


Should open the "Create Mail" or similar program so you can write me an email. The subject line should be automatically filled in with the title of the content you're currently viewing.


Displays this (hopefully) useful information.


Displays the Introduction page and links to the following:

Model Railway

Information on my (modest) railway modelling efforts.


Orders by the Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Newspaper Clippings

Newspaper articles I've transcribed.


Tables from Altitudes in the Dominion of Canada (James White) and some profile drawings.


A bibliography of sorts that lists the many sources of information I've used to pull this website together.


C.N.Rys. operating rules and special instructions.


An alphabetical listing of all C.N.Rys. stations in Ontario and with location (e.g., Subdivision and mileage). From this view you can select the Station or its parent Subdivision. Each Station page provides the following information:


The lowest level organization of the C.N.Rys. in Ontario, from which you can "drill down" to the individual Subdivision and terminals Stations or "drill up" to the parent Division(s). On the lefthand side of the main window is an alphabetical listing of Subdivisions, which selects the appropriate listing on the righthand side of the main window. Each Subdivision provides the following:

From the Subdivision view you can "drill down" to an individual Station or points of interest (e.g., bridge or crossing).

Train Graphs

Generates train graphs and line-ups using database.