Plans of the ground floor and second storey of the 1913 GTR station, Stratford, as reconstructed from revised original plans. The ground floor rooms included the loggia or lobby (A), ladies' parlour (B), ladies' lavatory (C), men's smoking room (D), men's lavatory (E), the general waiting room (F), ticket office (G), lunch room (H), kitchen (I), food storage room (J), baggage office (K), baggage room (L), and entry and stairs to offices in the second storey (M). The rooms in the second storey included the main corridor (N); the divisional superintendent's office (O), general office (P), related offices (Q), and a filling room (R); a women's washroom (S), the trainmaster's office (T); the general (U) and private offices (V) of the divisional freight agent; records storage rooms (W); a men's washroom (X); other offices (Y and 4); the general office for dispatchers (Z); the chief dispatcher's office (1); the telegraph operators' quarters (2); the conductors' register office (3); storage rooms int he attic of the breezeway (4); a staircase down to the station platform (5); and a staircase up to the attic (6). (Glenn J. Lockwood.)RSR-200, Figure 21