C.No.Ry.—Toronto Division The C.N.O.Ry. Toronto Division encompassed the following:
  • Algoma Eastern Terminals: Algoma Eastern Junction to C.N.O. Junction
  • Capreol Subdivision: Sudbury Junction to Makwa;
  • Garson Branch: Garson Junction to Garson Mine
  • Key Harbour Branch: Key Junction to Key Harbour;
  • North Bay Subdivision: North Bay to Capreol (from No. 37);
  • Orillia Subdivision: Udney to Orillia;
  • Parry Sound Subdivision: East Don to Parry Sound Junction;
  • Parry Sound Terminals: Parry Sound Junction to Parry Sound;
  • Sellwood Subdivision: Sellwood Junction to Sellwood;
  • Sudbury Subdivision: Parry Sound Junction to Sudbury Junction;
  • Sudbury Terminal: Sudbury Junction to Sudbury; and
  • Toronto Terminals: Toronto to East Don.
Time Table No./Date Effective
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Refer to:
C.No.Ry.—Eastern Lines—Ontario Division—Lake Superior District; and
C.No.Ry.—Eastern Lines—Ontario Division—Toronto District.

Time tables shown thus are from the JPS collection.