C.N.Rys.—Eastern Lines—Ontario District—Nipigon, Nipissing & Ottawa Divisions
  1. SuperiorNipigon Division:
    • Long Lake Subdivision: Hornepayne to Jellicoe;
    • Nipigon Subdivision: Jellicoe to Port Arthur; and
    • Oba Subdivision: Foleyet to Hornepayne.
  2. Nipissing Division:
    • Algoma Eastern Connection;
    • Garson Branch: Garson Jct. to Garson;
    • Key Harbour: Key Jct. to Key Harbour;
    • Muskoka Subdivision: Duncan to Parry Sound;
    • North Bay Subdivision: Brent to Capreol;
    • Orillia Subdivision: Udney to Orillia;
    • Ruel Subdivision: Capreol to Foleyet;
    • Sellwood Subdivision: Milnet to Sellwood;
    • Sudbury Subdivision: Parry Sound to Capreol; and
    • Sudbury Terminal Subdivision: Sudbury Jct. to Sudbury.
  3. Ottawa Division:
    • Bessemer Branch: Bessemer Jct. to Bessemer;
    • Brockville Subdivision: Brockville to Westport;
    • Coe Hill Branch: Ormsby Jct. to Coe Hill;
    • Irondale Subdivision: York River to Howland;
    • Kingston Subdivision: Harrowsmith to Kingston (via CPR);
    • Marmora Branch: Belmar to Cordova;
    • Maynooth Subdivision: Trenton to Wallace;
    • Orono Subdivision: Todmorden to Trenton;
    • Oshawa Branch: Oshawa to Oshawa Town; and
    • Ottawa Terminals: Rideau Jct. to Hurdman;
    • Pembroke Subdivision: Rideau Jct. to Brent;
    • Picton Subdivision: Picton to Trenton;
    • Rideau Subdivision: Trenton to Rideau Jct.; and
    • Toronto Terminals: Toronto (Union) to Duncan.
    • Tweed Subdivision: Yarker to Bannockburn.
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Time tables shown thus are from the JPS collection.