C.N.Rys.—St. Lawrence Region—Belleville Division The CNR St. Lawrence Region Belleville Division encompassed the following:
  • Campbellford Subdivision: Belleville to Lindsay
  • Coboconk Subdivision: Blackwater to Coboconk
  • Gananoque Subdivision: Brockville to Belleville
  • Haliburton Subdivision: Lindsay to Haliburton
  • Lakefield Subdivision: Millbrook to Lakefield
  • Madoc Subdivision: Madoc Jct. to Madoc
  • Maynooth Subdivision: Trenton to Wallace
  • Midland Subdivision: Lindsay to Mileage 40.4
  • Oshawa Subdivision: Belleville to Mileage 299.4
  • Picton Subdivision: Trenton to Picton
  • Smiths Falls Subdivision: Napanee to Mileage 1.9
  • Uxbridge Subdivision: Lindsay to Mileage 40.0
Time Table No./Date Effective
Refer to C.N.Rys.—Central Region—Southern Ontario District—Belleville Division
Refer to C.N.Rys.—St. Lawrence Region—Rideau Area

Time tables shown thus are from the JPS collection.