C.N.Rys.—St. Lawrence Region—Ottawa The CNR St. Lawrence Region Ottawa Division was organized as follows:
  • Alexandria Subdivision: Ottawa (Union) to Cantic
  • Beachburg Subdivision: Riverside to Nepean
  • Locksley Subdivision: Golden Lake to National Jct.
  • Renfrew Subdivision: Nepean to Whitney
  • Vankleek Subdivision: Glen Robertston to Hawkesbury
  • Ottawa Terminal:
    • Bank Street Line/Chaudiere Branch: Riverside/Deep Cut to Chaudiere Yard
    • Hurdman Line: Ottawa Jct. to Hurdman Yard
    • Walkley Line: Hawthorne to Wass
& St. Lawrence The CNR St. Lawrence Region St. Lawrence Division was organized as follows:
  • Aston Subdivision: Victoriaville to Ferry Wharf
  • Berlin Subdivision: Portland to Island Pond
  • Beauharnois Subdivision: Ste. Martine to Beauharnois
  • Cornwall Subdivision: Turcot West (Yard Limits) to Brockville Yard
  • Danville Subdivision: Chaudiere to Richmond
  • Deschaillons Subdivision: Villeroy to End-of-Steel
  • Drummondville Subdivision: Chaudiere to Montbec Jct.
  • Granby Subdivision: Castle Gardens to Waterloo
  • Hemmingford Subdivision: St. Isidore Jct. to Hemmingford
  • Lewiston Subdivision: Lewiston Jct. to Lewiston
  • Massena Subdivision: Brosseau to Massena
  • Norway Subdivision: South Paris to Norway
  • Rouses Point Subdivision: Cannon Jct. to Rouses Point
  • Sherbrooke Subdivision: Island Poind to Richmond
  • St. Hyacinthe Subdivision: Richmond to Southwark East (Yard Limits)
  • St. Judes Subdivision: Bellevue Jct. to Junction Switch (St. Hyacinthe)
  • Sorel Subdivision: St. Lambert to Bellevue Jct.
  • West Shefford Subdivision: Meigs to Clough
  • Yamaska Subdivision: Bellevue Jct. to St. Gregoire
Time Table No./Date Effective
Refer to CNR—Central Region—Montréal District—Ottawa, St. Jerome & St. Lawrence Divisions
Refer to CNR—St. Lawrence Region—Montréal Area and CNR—St. Lawrence Region—Rideau Area

Time tables shown thus are from the JPS collection.