The following is a partial index to the Railway Age Gazette/Railway Age articles or news items from my collection that are of Canadian National, Grand Trunk Western or Central Vermont interest.

Railway Age
Vol. No. Date Article Page(s)
54 23 1913-06-13 Grand Trunk grade separation in Toronto
55 15 1913-10-10 Canadian Northern Montréal terminal
57 25 1914-12-18 Conducting track inspection on the Grand Trunk

A description of a car recently designed for this purpose and methods of rating different sections.

70 5 1921-02-04 Heavy switching locomotives for the Grand Trunk 338
73 19 1922-11-04 News/Equipment and Supplies/Iron and Steel

The Grand Trunk has placed an order with the British Empire Steel Corporation for 25,000 tons of 100-lb. rails. The rails will be rolled at the Sydney, N. S., plant of the Dominion Steel Corporation.

News/Equipment and Supplies/Machinery and Tools

The Canadian National is inquiring for one 32-in. by 32-in. crank planing machine, one 18-in. by 8 ft. lathe and one close quarter pneumatic drill.

News/Railway Financial News

Central Vermont.Equipment notes offered.—Plympton, Gardiner & Co. and Paine, Webber & Co. are offering $754,000 6 per cent equipment trust notes, series E, at prices to yield from 5 per cent to 5.75 per cent, according to maturity. The notes are dated May 1, 1922, and mature $49,000 semi-anually from November 1, 1922 to May 1, 1927, and $44,000 semi-anually from November 1, 1927 to May 1, 1930. The first semi-annual instalment of $49,000 was paid on November 1. The notes are issued to provide part payment for 500 30-ton rebuilt box cars and 200 50-ton rebuilt coal cars, purchased at a contract cost of $1,107,571.


Grand Trunk Pacific.To pay interest.—J.P. Morgan & Co. announce that the Bank of Montréal has been ordered by the Dominion of Canada to pay the coupons due in November of the Alberta bonds.

75 5 1923-08-04 Canadian National Mountain type locomotive 203-205
76 5 1924-02-02 Canadian National high power motor coach

Seats 55 Passengers—Driven by 225-Hp. Sterling Motor—Built by National Steel Car Corporation

77 18 1924-11-01 New locomotives for the Canadian National

The Santa Fe type selected for use in the Toronto Terminals to decrease operating costs

By C. E. Brooks, Chief of Motive Power, Canadian National

78 28 1925-06-13 Possibilities of the internal combustion engine

By C. E. Brooks, Chief of Motive Power, Canadian National

79 2 1925-07-11 News/Equipment and Supplies/Machinery and Tools

The Canadian National is inquiring for one 35-ton locomotive crane.

79 7 1925-08-15 Mountain type locomotive for the Canadian National 317-318
82 21 1927-04-23 Operation through the St. Claire tunnel

By Walter D. Hill, Superintendent, St. Claire Tunnel, Canadian National Railways

82 27 1927-06-04 Canadian National looks to future

By James G. Lyne, Associate Editor

Diesel cars reduce operating costs on C.N.R. 1739-1742
83 25 1927-12-17 How the Canadian National developed a water supply

J. W. Porter, special engineer, Canadian National, Winnipeg, tells of development of small reservoirs to overcome inadequate supplies.

News of the Week/Construction

Federal government approval of agreement between CNR and Vancouver to construct hotel.

News of the Week/Financial

Central Vermont receivership.

News of the Week/Railway Officers/Operating

Montréal Division appointments.

News of the Week/Railway Officers/Engineering, Maintenance of Way and Signaling

Atlantic Region appointments.

83 26 1927-12-24 Canadian roads open impressive union station at Toronto

A description of the structure begun in 1918, which effectively combines beauty with maximum utility.

News of the Week/Traffic

Opening of ticket office, Portland, OR.

News of the Week/Construction
  • Hamilton station.
  • Halifax hotel.
84 9 1928-03-03 1927 order for rail motor cars 520
News of the Week/Another train robbery at Chicago 546
News of the Week/Equipment and Supplies/Passenger cars

CNR inquiry for 55 passenger cars

News of the Week/Equipment and Supplies/Signaling
  • ABS between London and Ingersoll
  • ABS between Prescott and St. Zotique
News of the Week/Officers/Traffic
  • W.J. Moffatt appointed assistant general passenger agent, Toronto.
  • H.F. Tilley appointed district passenger agent, Toronto.
  • Transfer of T.E.P. Pringle from Montréal to Boston.
84 23 1928-06-09 Oil-Electric Motive Power on Canadian National

By C. E. Brooks, Chief of Motive Power, Canadian National

Canadian National reorganizes its purchasing methods

By H. L. Taylor, Assistant Purchasing Agent, Canadian National, Winnipeg, Man.

85 12 1928-09-22 News of the Week/Construction

Halifax hotel construction contract awarded to Foundation Jupiter Company, Ltd.

85 16 1928-10-20 News of the Week/Equipment and Supplies/Freight Cars
  • CNR inquiry for 500 refrigerator cars.
  • 788
    News of the Week/Construction
    • New passenger station and freight shed at Weyburn, Sask.
    • Addition to station at Fort Frances, Ont.
    • Roofing of machine shop at Winnipeg, Man.
    • Roofing of roundhouse, machine shop and boiler room at Radville, Sask.
    News of the Week/Officers/Operating

    W. Irving Smart appointed general superintendent, transportation, Winnipeg.

    85 25 1928-12-22 Café-Parlor cars for the Canadian National 1219-1220
    86 14 1929-04-06 Canadian National builds modern terminal facilities

    New enginehouse, repair shops and coach yard at Toronto, Ont., embody interesting details.

    87 7 1929-08-17 4-8-4 Type Locomotive for the Canadian National 414-416
    88 4 1930-01-25 News of the Week/Construction
    • Yard expansion at Tecumseh.
    • Two-mile spur at Kingston.
    • Planned works for 1930.
    88 19 1930-05-10 News of the Week/Traffic/Railroad Farm Lectures in Ontario
    News of the Week/Railway Finance
    • Central Vermont equipment trust
    • Central Vermont abandonment of West River Railroad
    • Grand Trunk Western equipment trust
    • Grand Trunk Western stock
    89 1 1930-07-05 Grand Trunk beautifies with flowers

    How the Grand Trunk Western enhances the attractiveness of 80 of its passenger and freight stations by artistic use of well-maintained flower beds.

    News of the Week/Work begun on Montréal terminal project
    89 4 1930-07-26 News of the Week/Construction

    Contract for construction of new warehouse awarded to Atlas Construction Company.

    News of the Week/Railway Officers/Financial, Legal and Accounting

    D. I. Grant, Jr., a member of the law firm of Johnston, Grant, Dods & MacDonald, Toronto, Ont., has been appointed solicitor for the Central region of the Canadian National at Toronto, succeeding E. S. Fraser, deceased.

    News of the Week/Railway Officers/Obituary

    E. S. Fraser, solicitor for the Central region of the Canadian National at Toronto, Ont., died in that city on June 17.

    89 5 1930-08-02 News of the Week/Equipment and Supplies/Freight Cars

    Order for 400 refrigerator cars.

    News of the Week/Railway Officers/Engineering, Maintenance of Way and Signaling

    D. McCooe, superintendent of track of the Canadian National, with headquarters at Toronto, Ont., has retired from active service.

    90 9 1931-02-28 News
    • The Central Vermont as a "bridge"
    • Seek appeal on Montréal track elevation
    News/Railway Officers/Executive Officers

    Biograpy of E. E. Fairweather

    90 12 1931-03-21 News
    • Canadian commission issues annual report
    • Parliamentary rate making in Canada
    • Move to appoint two more to C.N.R. board
    • To spend eight millions this year on Montréal terminal
    • New Canadian commission head

    Contract awards for bridge construction

    News/Railway Officers/Engineering and Signaling

    H.L. Benson promoted to division engineer, Hornepayne

    90 23 1931-06-06 Combining speed with efficiency

    Canadian National finds economy in accelerating movement of trains

    By C. F. Needham, Assistant to General Manager, Central Region,Canadian National Railways

    91 9 1931-08-29 News

    Photograph showing construction of Dorchester Avenue bridge, Montréal, Que.

    • Herbertville, PQ station and freight house constuction contract.
    • Brampton Subdivision, St. Clair West subway construction contract.
    91 11 1931-09-12 News

    Hudson Bay rates on Crow's Nest basis

    • Dorchester street overhead bridge construction contact.
    • Hamilton station and express building demolition contract.

    Speculation that Canadian government will seek $500,000,000 for the CNR.

    91 12 1931-09-19 News

    Grain shipments start via Hudson Bay

    News/Equipment and Supplies/Iron & Steel

    GT orders structual steel for grade separation work in Detroit, Michigan.


    $500,000,000 bond offer.


    Retirement of William K. Evans, manager of bureau division, Montréal, PQ.

    93 1 1932-07-07 Smoke abatement and fuel economy

    A report of the twenty-sixth annual convention of the Smoke Prevention Association, held at Toronto, Ont., in which the railroad program of seven papers and addresses occupied three sessions.

    News/Railway Officers/Mechanical
    • George E. Smart retires.
    • C.E. Brooks appointed chief, motive power and car equipment.
    93 2 1932-07-09 Grand Trunk builds four-track high-speed suburban line

    A description of this road's line relocation between Detroit, Mich. and Pontiac, which included reduction of grades, elimination of 86 grade crossings, landscaping of the right of way and a unique method of financing.

    38-40 & 51-52
    93 3 1932-07-16 News/U.S. and Canadian regulation contrasted
    News/Ex-head of Canadian Commission dies
    News/Railway Officers/Mechanical

    Brief biography of George E. Smart

    93 4 1932-07-23 Sir Henry Thornton resigns 115-116
    93 5 1932-07-30 C.N.R. sleeping and dining car service well organized
    News/Railway Officers/Operating

    Position of assistant to general manager, Atlantic region abolished.

    93 6 1932-08-06 The possibilities of gas-electric locomotives

    News/Railway Officers/Engineering and Signaling
    • P. D. Fitzpatrick promoted to chief engineer, GTW.
    • J. A. Heaman transferred to Montréal.
    News/Railway Officers/Mechanical
    • W. E. Barnes appointed general superintendent, motive power and car equipment, Atlantic region.
    • John Roberts appointed general superintendent, motive power and car equipment, Central region.
    93 7 1932-08-13 News/Hungerford on C.N.R. Board

    93 8 1932-08-20 Canadian roads build two attractive passenger stations

    New facilities of Canadian Pacific at Montréal, Que., and Canadian National at Hamilton, Ont., combine the classic in appearance with the most modern in layout and arrangement.

    News/Railway Officers
    • C.R. Moore retires;
    • J.C. Garden retires; and
    • P.D. Fitzpatrick appointed chief engineer, GTW.
    93 11 1932-09-10 Unusual concrete bridge are built on the Canadian National

    Marked departures from conventional design result in long and shallow spans—Fixed-frame construction and elimination of track ballast are features.

    354-357 & 368-369
    95 6 1933-08-05 Long precast bridge slabs carry tracks without ballast

    Most recent development in reinforced concrete structures on the Canadian National offers structural and erection advantages.

    97 1 1934-07-07 Automatic interlocking protects crossing of two main lines

    Replacing mechanical with automatic plants reduces delays and saves 30 per cent on investment.

    102 7 1937-02-13 New passenger station has interesting features

    A description of the Canadian National's London, Ont. structure which employs multiple-track rigid-frame construction to carry platforms and tracks over sub-level concourse.

    104 17 1938-04-23 News/Québec seeks olds C.N. rights-of-way for highway construction 745
    106 6 1939-02-11 Montréal terminal improvement project revived by C.N.R.
    Details of this road's modified plans for the construction of extensive terminal improvements at Montréal. Work on the original program was suspended in 1931.
    106 8 1939-02-25 News/Quits in tiff over Hungerford
    J.Y. Murdoch resigns from CN board
    News/Railway Officers/Financial, Legal and Accounting
    • P.J. Farley, treasurer Western Region retires;
    • P.S. Chalmers appointed treasurer, Western Region;
    • T.H. Best appointed paymaster, Toronto;.
    • A.R. Curran apppointed treasurer, Northern Alberta Railways; and
    • H.P. Howells appointed assistant treasurer, telegraphs and telephones, Toronto.
    106 24 1939-06-17 News/Equipment and Supplies/Signaling
    • GTW tenders for highway grade crossing signal protection materials.
    News/Railway Officers/Operating
    • J.L. Cameron retires;
    • H.H. Sparling promoted to superintendent, Edmonton Division;
    • F.H. Keefe promoted to transporation superintendent, Edmonton; and
    • J.R. McMillan promoted to assistant superintendent, Edson.
    News/Railway Officers/Mechanical
    • R.B. Miller appointed master mechanic, Kamloops Division.
    News/Railway Officers/Obituary
    • Burt J. Farr, general superintendent, motive power and car equipment, GTW.
    107 3 1939-07-17 C.N.R. builds more long span concrete bridges

    Precast and poured-in-place slabs, up to 90 ft. in length, employ no waterproofing, ties or ballast—Ten-slab deck is erected in eight working hours.

    107 17 1939-10-21 News/Financial
    • S.J. Hungerford, J.A. Northey and Wilfrid Gagnon re-elected directors, CNR.
    107 22 1939-11-25 Motor Transport Section/Canadian National buys highway equipment 828
    108 12 1940-03-23 Bridge piers of structural steel piles meet with favor on the C.N.R.

    First introduced in new line construction several years ago, they are now being installed widely to replace obsolete masonry sub-structures.

    108 19 1940-05-11 New passenger station has interesting features

    Attractive three-span structure on Canadian National has precast concrete deck slabs and piers of concrete-pile construction.

    108 23 1940-06-08 C.N. refrigerator cars with overhead ice tanks 1012-1015
    110 5 1941-02-01 New passenger station portrays modern trends in design

    Structure on the Canadian National at Saskatoon embodies modernized version of classic motif—Harmonizes with company-owned hotel nearby.

    113 23 1943-02-27 News/Railway Officers/Operating

    Rowland E. Taylor, superintendent of the London division of the Canadian National, has been transferred to the Portage division, with headquarters at Winnipeg, Man., succeeding A. A. Dumphy, who has been transferred to the Schreiber division, with headquarters at Schreiber, Ont. [This doesn't seem right—the C.P.R. not the C.N.R. ran through Schreiber.]

    News/Railway Officers/Financial, Legal and Accounting

    M. A. Taylor, general office assistant to the general manager of the Central Vermont, has been promoted to chief disbursements accountant, with headquarters as before at St. Albans, Vt. P. L. Culver, revenue accountant, has been promoted to revenue and joint facility accountant, with headquarters as before at St. Albans.

    115 13 1943-09-25 Box-baggage cars for the C.N.R. 486-487
    116 4 1944-01-22 C.N. Montréal terminal has new type of interlocking

    A total of 57 switches, 64 crossovers and 197 signals, on 9 road miles throughout 11 zones, are controlled from one central machine using a new form of code control.

    124 3 1948-01-17 Something new in bridge-pier design

    Combination of steel piles and Prepakt concrete "streamlines" the reconstruction of Twelve Mile Creek bridge on existing alignment without falsework or traffic delays.

    129 25 1950-12-16 Electric motive power for the Canadian National 46-49
    131 19 1951-11-05 Grain door eases unloading

    A type of door for railway grain cars which will speed unloading, prevent loss of grain during transit and effect considerable economies has been developed by the Canadian National.

    131 25 1951-12-17 Equipment and Supplies/Signaling

    Signaling for Mimico yard.

    Railway Officers/Traffic
    • Oswald A. Trudeau appointed general passenger traffic manager at Montréal
    • Albert A. Gardiner, general passenger traffic manager at Montréal retires
    • Arthur P. Lait and Fay N. McKenzie promoted to passenger traffic managers at Montréal
    • Joseph N. Vincent named assistant passenger traffic manager at Montréal
    74 & 80
    134 16 1953-04-20 On the Canadian National C.T.C. for 12 trains daily

    Train operations in light-traffic territory by signal indication based on siding-to-siding block, employing power switch at one end of sidings and spring switch at the other, without intermediate signals.

    136 12 1954-03-22 How the CNR will use $59 million worth of new passenger cars 74-77
    13 car types meet traffic needs 78-83
    Coach passengers get a break 84-87
    138 2 1955-01-10 Financial

    Grand Trunk Western.Merger of Subsidiary.—This road has applied to the ICC for authority to merge into itself the Muskegon Railway & Navigation Co., a wholly owned subsidiary. The purchase price would be $655,498.

    16 & 184
    Railroads start year with large construction backlog 120-121
    Statistical review of 1954 161-172
    138 3 1955-01-17 Erie, CNR, expand their "Piggback" services 10
    Tunnel through unstable fill

    When an existing culvert proved inadequate to handle the water flow through a double-track embankment on the Canadian National, three 7-ft tubes were installed under extremely difficult conditions.

    By W. Lenco Bridge Engineer, Atlantic Region

    138 4 1955-01-24 New Facilities

    New branchline from Terrace, B.C. to Kitimat

    Railway Officers
    • R. G Chestnut appointed special assistant operation department at Montréal
    • L. S. McGregor appointed general superintendent motive power and car equipment, Central region, at Toronto
    • W. C. Bowra named special assistant, operation department, Central region at Toronto
    • Ralph T. Vaughan appointed special assistant, office of president at Montréal
    • G. T. Trowhill, general superintendent of CN Telegraphs at Toronto retires
    • E. P. Stephenson promoted to system signal engineer at Montréal
    • H. L. Black, system signal engineer at Montréal retires
    • D. H. Green promited to signal engineer, Central region at Toronto
    138 6 1955-02-21 From mine to dock iron ore moves faster

    From mine to dock iron ore moves faster... because Canadian National bought more ore cars, extended dock, laid new rail, lengthened sidings, and installed centralized traffic control.

    142 10 1957-05-13 RRs will benefit from Ottawa's plans for future

    Retirement of through-city railroad trackage features a program under way in the Canadian city for relieving urban congestion. Duplicate trackage, wherever possible, is being eliminated and replaced by joint, CTC-governed, Canadian National-Canadian Pacific operations. New freighthouses and new yards are also part of the scheme.

    142 23 1957-06-10 Here's a 'yardstick' for CTC

    Detailed studies of train operations on many division of numerous railroads—to establish measurements of train interference—will enable managements to foretell just how they can benefit from proposed installations of centralized traffic control.

    By E. P. Stephenson, Signal Engineer (System) Canadian National

    38-40 & 50-51
    143 24 1957-12-09 How the CNR moved over to ... make room for the Seaway
    38 & 42-43
    145 16 1958-10-20 CNR cuts costs with interlockings and CTC

    The road expected to cut annual operating expenses by over $44,000 because of a new terminal interlocking at Hamilton, Ont. The project is a first step toward consolidating interlocking and traffic control on one of Canada's most heavily traveled rail routes.