2014 Revisions
Date Description
2014-12-24 Updates to Allanwater Subdivision.
2014-11-15 Updates to Tweed Subdivision.
2014-10-21 Updates to Wyebridge Subdivision.
2014-10-20 Updates to Wanstead station.
2014-10-13 Updates to Atherley, Burford, Harrisburg, Medora, Simcoe (North), St. George and Terra Cotta stations.
2014-10-12 Updates to Callendar station.
2014-10-11 Updates to St. George Subdivision.
2014-09-17 Updates to Hagersville Subdivision.
2014-09-14 Updates to Smiths Falls and Tweed Subdivisions.
2014-08-13 Added information re removal of agent, caretaker and station building at Palgrave.
2014-07-26 Updates to Milton Subdivision.
2014-05-12 Updates to Cornwall Subdivision.
2014-04-26 Updated Toronto & York Radial Railway Metropolitan based on T.T.C. Radial Dept. Lake Simcoe Line Time Table No. 11, effective June 15, 1928.
2014-03-23 Added information for Clubine's Creek bridge north of Aurora.
2014-03-15 Added Toronto & York Radial Railway Metropolitan and Schomberg divisions.
2014-02-09 General updates re broken links and formatting.