Diesel Tonnage Ratings
Northern Ontario District
Belleville Division
General instructions governing equated tonnage
General speed restrictions
Belleville Division
Northern Ontario District
Handling and marshalling cars containing explosives and cars placarded "Dangerous" and "Poison Gas" in trains
Instructions governing movement of trains over spring switches
Road diesel locomotives
Special instructions
Special rules governing the handling of air brakes
Switching cars placarded "explosives" or "dangerous"
Toronto Terminals Ry.
Uniform Code of Operating Rules
Table of Contents
General Notice
General Rules
Operating Rules
Standard Time
Time Tables
Signals and Their Use
Color Signals
Hand, Flag and Lamp Signals
Engine Whistle Signals
Communicating Signals
Train Signals
Protection of Impassable or Slow Track
Superiority of Trains
Movements of Trains or Engines
Rules for Movement by Train Orders
Forms of Train Orders
Fixed Signal Definitions
Location of Signals
Rules Governing the Movements of Trains or Engines in the Same Direction by Signal Indication
Rules governing Opposing or Following movements of Trains or Engines by Signal Indication
Electric Staff Block System Rules
Train Order Signal Rules
Station Protection Signal Rules
Automatic Block Signal System Rules
Interlocking Rules