Road diesel locomotives

To provide greater advance warning to Maintenance of Way Forces during daylight hours, Road Diesel Locomotives must burn their headlights Dim during ordinary weather, and at full power when weather is dull and foggy.

Following regulations will apply with respect to operation of diesel road locomotives in back-up movements:

Single "A" units, or "A" and "B" units with latter the leading unit-Enginemen and Firemen will remain in operating cab.

Multiple, with "A" unit at each end-Where conditions are such as not to permit safe movement without engineman and fireman being at the leading end, they will both transfer to and operate from leading end in direction of movement.

When a diesel-electric engine consisting of more than two units is required to make back-up movements over or along a public road at grade, the provisions of Rule 103 must be applied.

[NOD] Diesel locomotives are not able to operate through water to the extent possible with steam power. This is brought about by location of traction motors. In general, a diesel locomotive should be moved at slow speed (not over three miles per hour) when water is up to the top of the rail, and should not operate at all through water deeper than three inches over the top of rail.

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