Station: Alliston
Subdivision: Alliston
Mileage: 5.1
Symbols: ..
Train Order: D
Office Signals: AF
Sidings: ..
Other Tracks: 43
Location: (Simcoe County, Tecumseth Township)
Date Event
1877-11-09 Track complete to AllistonCooper-2001, p. 393.

Northern Division stations.—A new station has been completed at Stayner, Ont., and a new building at Alliston is in course of erection.

G.T.Ry. betterments, etc., The Railway and Marine World, No. 58 (1902-12), p. 405
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1955-01 Wilson-1998, pp. 70-71 C.N.Rys. Track plan.