Station: Angus
Subdivision: Camp Borden Meaford
Mileage: 0.00 10.28
Symbols: RZ R*ZOriginally there was a wye at AngusCNR.CR.SWOD.AD.9, p. 6]).
Train Order: D D
Office Signals: .. AG
Sidings: .. ..
Other Tracks: 36 (M9.97 to M10.36), freight shed and 2 car cattle pen
Yard Limits: 1,924 feet North of Junction SwitchPreviously, the Camp Borden Subdivision appears to have connected to the "siding" rather than to the "main" trackJPS—speculation.. 3,340 feet South of station.
2,841 feet North of station.
Location: Between 76 & 94 King St.
Angus ON
(Simcoe County, Essa Township)

Camp Borden Subdivision


Meaford Subdivision

R* Extra trains will not register unless so instructed by Train Dispatcher.
Date Image Notes
W. MacLaren Wilson photo
Passenger station and freight shed.
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1874-05-08 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 90137 Item 179 NRC Track plan. 1"=50'
1955-12 C.N.Rys. Track plan.