C.N.Rys. Belleville South

Station: Belleville South
Subdivision: Deseronto
Mileage: 128.3
Symbols: ..
Train Order: T
Office Signals:
Sidings: Yard
Other Tracks: Yard
Yard Limits: 5,690 feet east of Station
6,234 feet west of Station

FootnotesFootnotes are from last available ETT showing Belleville SouthCNR.CR.SOD.BD.19, p. 15.

  1. First track South of depot is main track for Canadian Pacific trains and may be used by Canadian National Rlys. for movements to and from Pinnalce Street connection and interchange tracks. second track South of depot is main track for Canadian National trains. Signals governing movements of Canadian National trains are located as follows:—Eastward home signal—east end Moira River Bridge. Westward home signal—50 feet east of diamond. Signal governing switch movements southward over diamond located 50 feet north of diamond. Signal governing switch movements northward located 10 feet south of diamond. This signal is located on left hand side of track governed.
  2. The east switch of the east crossover, west switch of the west crossover, and the interchange and Pinnacle Street connections switches between east and west crossovers are equipped with electric switch locks which are controlled by Operator on duty in station. Telephones located at the above switches are for train crews to communicate with Operator at station or signalman at gate tower. To open any of the above switches it is necessary to first unlock door of switch lock and if indicator is clear turn the handle of the electric lock to the left as far as it will go, and then open switch in the usual manner. After switch has been set back for the main track the handle of the electric lock myst be turned to the right, door closed and locked. If indicator displays red the switch cannot be unlocked and trainmen should communicate with Operator in station and ask for switch to be unlocked. Canadian National trains wishing to use switches in first track South of depot will not foul this track until electric lock on switch is released by Operator. Switches at east end of west crossover and at west end of east crossover are not electrically locked.
  3. C.P. Ry. engines or trains must not enter or occupy any of the tracks except Joint Section.
Date Event
1911-10-28 Plans for C.N.O.Ry. station at Belleville approvedB.R.C. 14357.
1911-10-28 C.N.O.Ry. authorized to open Belleville to Trenton for freight trafficB.R.C. 15211.
Date Image Notes
1913 Image Not Available
William James Topley / NAC / PA-012539
CNoR station.