Station: Birch
Subdivision: PenetangInformation from last Penetang Subdivision time table showing BirchCNR.CR.NOD.42. WyebridgeInformation from last Wyebridge Subdivision time tableCNR.CR.NOD.38.
Mileage:Mileage from Colwell and Allandale for Penetang and Wyebridge Subdivisions, respectivelyCNR.CR.NOD.38. 21.5 26.9
Symbols: .. Y
Train Order: .. ..
Office Signals: .. ..
Sidings: ..GTR ETT No. 8 indicates a "side track;" at BirchGTR.OL.BSD.8, p. 5. ..
Other Tracks: .. ..
(Simcoe County, Tiny Township)

Penetang Subdivision


Wyebridge Subdivision

All trains may leave Birch without Terminal Clearance.

Position of Junction switch at Birch is Normal when set for Penetang Subdivision.

Date Event
1911-12-31 G.T.Ry. opens between Birch and Tay on the Penetang and Midland Subdivisions, respectivelyHopper-1962, p. TBD.
1914-09-20/1929-07-28 Time tables show normal position of switch for Tay rather than PenetangGTR.OL.BSD.5/26; CNR.CR.NOD.18/29.
1929-09-29/1931-11-25 Time tables show normal position of switch for Penetang rather than TayCNR.CR.NOD.30/38.
1932-11-25 Wye no longer appears in time tableCNR.CR.NOD.41.
1933-04-30 Birch appears in time tableCNR.CR.NOD.42.
1933-06-25 Birch absent from time tableCNR.CR.NOD.43.