Colborne Street (Brantford)

Station: Brantford, Colborne Street, a.k.a. Brantford, T. & B.
Subdivision: Burford
Mileage: 0.96
Symbols: ..
Train Order: ..
Office Signals: ..
Sidings: ..
Other Tracks: ..
Location (Brant County, Brantford Township)
Date Event
1922-10c GTR replaces depot with one-room shelter and platform with canopyGrand Trunk Railway construction, betterments, etc., Canadian Railway and Marine World, No. 298 (1922-12) p. 614.
1922-10-01 Appears as Brantford, T. &B.GTRS.OL.LSD.11, p. X.
1923-06-24 Appears as Brantford, Colborne St.CNR.CR.SWOD.LSD.2, p. X.
1948-09-26 Appears in ETTCNR.CR.SOD.LSD.90, p. X.
1949-11-27 Absent from ETTCNR.CR.SOD.LSD.93, p. X.