Brock Street Switch (Peterboro)

Station: Brock Street Switch
Subdivision: Campbellford Lakefield
Mileage: 63.76 13.35
Symbols: .. ..
Train Order: P* P
Office Signals: .. ..
Sidings: .. ..
Other Tracks: .. ..

Campbellford Subdivision

Before proceeding to Campbellford Subdivision Conductors must ontain permission from Dispatcher Lindsay who will record such permission in train order book as transmitted to and acknowledged by Conductor, providing From W not received, and there are superior trains due or overdue.

*Local telephone to Operator Peterboro Station located in box on Tool House, Brock Street Switch.

Mileage 63.76 Peterboro, Brock St. (B.T.C. 73429)...10 miles per hour.

Lakefield Subdivision

Trains may leave ... Brock Street Switch without terminal clearance.