C.N.Rys. Brockville Yard

Station: Brockville Yard, a.ka. Manitoba Yard
Subdivision: Cornwall Gananoque
Mileage: 126.24 126.24
Symbols: C*KXZ K*XZ
Train Order: DN
Office Signals: MB
Sidings: Yard Yard
Other Tracks: Yard Yard
Yard Limits: 9,391 ft. west of yard office

Cornwall Subdivision

*C Coal only.

*K Brockville Yard is register station for all trains originating or terminating at Brockville Yard.


Gananoque Subdivision

*Register station for trains originating and terminating.

Westward movements on eastward track against overdue first and second class trains, between shop switch at Perth Street and switch leading to sout yard, located six hundred feet east of Brockvile Yard office, must obtain permission or signal from switchtender at Perth Street who will perform signalman's duties.

For movement from westward track to eastward track through facing crossover west of Perth Street, indication as shown by Rule 501-e will be displayed by signal No. 1257 when switches are properly set and Block is unoccupied.

Eastward trains when stopped at automatic block signal No. 1272, one mile west of Brockville Yard office, will contact yard staff by telephone for instruction. Yard telephone located at signal.

Date Image Notes
1910c Image Not Available
CN Photo Collection / CSTM / Image CN00400
Employees in G.T.Ry. yard office