Station: Burgessville
Subdivision: Otterville
Mileage: 7.55Mileage for Burgessville is incorrectly given as 31.87 from 1934-04-29 through 1935-06-23CNR.CR.SOD.LSD.51/57.
Symbols: Z
Office Signals: ..
Train Order: ..
Sidings: Yard
  • No runaround track
Other Tracks: Yard
  • Burgessville Fruit Growers & United Farmers Co-operative
  • Team track
Location: Highway 59
(Oxford County, North Norwich Township)
Date Event
1876-01-01 Pt.D. & L.H.Ry. opens from Port Dover to StratfordStevens-1960, p. 464.
1876c Pt.D. & L.H.Ry. builds 18'×34'×14' frame, shingle roof, timber foundation station at BurgessvilleGTR.MD.1907, p. 215.
1876c Pt.D. & L.H.Ry. builds 7'×12'×12' frame, shingle roof, timber foundation "closet" at BurgessvilleGTR-1907, p. 215.
1878c Pt.D. & L.H.Ry. builds 12'×16'×8' frame, shingle roof, timber foundation "hand car house" at BurgessvilleGTR-1907, p. 215.
1878c Pt.D. & L.H.Ry. builds 12'×136' single pen, double chute "stock pen" at BurgessvilleGTR-1907, p. 215.
1881-03-04 G.B. & W.Ry., P.D. & L.H.Ry. and S. & H.Ry. merge to become the G.T.G.B. & L.E.Ry., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the G.T.Ry.Stevens-1960, p. 467.
1886c G.T.Ry. builds 3" plank, timber foundation, 968 ft2 platform and 420 ft2 freight platform at BurgessvilleGTR-1907, p. 215.
1912-04-01 Southbound G.T.Ry. freight derails at BurgessivlleThe Globe (Toronto), Thursday, April 2, 1912, p. 15; The Simcoe Reformer, Thursday, April 4, 1912, p. 7.
1917-11-08 G.T.Ry. standard plan no. 3 combination for new passenger and freight station at Burgessville approvedB.R.C. 26720.
1917c G.T.Ry. constructs 18'×75'×12' frame combination station with domestic brick platformNAC RG30 Vol. 10120 File 6340.29.
1923-01-31 G.T.Ry. becomes part of C.N.Rys.Bowers-1983, p. 162, Cooper-2001, p. 394.
1928-06-24 Burgessville Fruit Grower's Co-operative breaks ground for new 60 × 100 ft., two-story concrete apple packing plant at Burgessville replacing to replace existing frame structureThe Globe (Toronto), 1928-06-25, pg. 21, col. 4
1928-12-15 Burgessville Fruit Grower's Co-operative opens apple packing plant at BurgessvilleDaily Sentinel Review, 1928-12-15, pg. 1, cols. 1 & 3; The Globe (Toronto), 1928-12-17, pg. 33, col. 7.
1920-06-27/1937-09-26 Burgessille operates as day train order officeGTRS.OL.LSD.02/11, CNR.CR.SWOD.LSD.2/16, CNR.CR.SOD.LSD.21/64.
1930-10-01/1932-09-30 C.N.Rys. records the following carloads to and from Burgessville as part of its Study of Unprofitable Lines.
  • Inbound: 36
    • Coal: Drumheller (Alberta) 2, U.S. Points 15
    • Coke: Hamilton 2
    • Livestock: Toronto 2, Guelph 1, London 1
    • Poles: Québec 2
    • Posts: Wiarton 2
    • Salt: Windsor 2
    • Barley: Goderich 1
    • Feed: Pt. Colborne 2
    • Spray Material: Burlington 1
    • Crushed Stone: Dundas 3
  • Outbound: 85
    • Wheat: Ingersoll 9, Woodstock 3, Simcoe 3, Toronto 5, Port Dover 2
    • Apples: Montréal 15, Toronto 1, Hamilton 1, Ottawa 1, Brandon 1
    • Livestock: Toronto, 22
    • Straw: Toronto 1, Trenton 19
    • Hay: Toronto 2
NAC RG30 Vol. 10120 File 6340.29


Railway facilities consist of a frame station and freight shed 18'×75'×12' with domestic brick platform built about 1917, a 3 car capacity cattle pen and chute, a team track 394 feet long and a service track 698 feet long, which also serves directly the United Farmers Co-operative and the Burgessville Fruit Growers.

The village has a population of about 300 persons while the population contiguous to the line is about 750 persons.

The land tributary to the line is all rich and highly cultivated farm and dairying land.

At Burgessville - The United Farmers Co-operative who have concrete grain elevators adjacent to the railway right-of-way. The Burgessville Fruit Growers who have a concrete packing house adjacent to the railway right-of-way and Huges and Demontmerency dealers in feed, coal, wood, lumber, etc. and served directly by our team track.

Burgessville 9.2 miles from C.P.R. Woodstock. Forwarded traffic apples and fruits 585 tons Montréal Export and Eastern Canada destinations, hay and straw 41 tons Toronto, livestock 362 tons destined Toronto. There is a small tonnage L.C.L. honey to Ontario destinations and Western Canada. There is one private siding serving Mr. J.G. Corless, who handles cement ex St. Marys , Port Colborne, coal ex Black Rock, Detroit, and grain and feed from Ontario Mills. In addition there are the following warehouses in operation located adjacent to our station:

United Farmers' Cooperative Grain, Feed and Coal, fertilizer
Burgessville Coal & Grain Co. Grain, Feed and Coal
Longworth, R.E. Hay and straw, lumber and wood
NAC RG30 Vol. 10120 File 6340.29
1936-07-13 C.N.Rys. authorized to remove agent at Burgessville; caretaker to be appointedB.R.C. 53296.
1938-04-24 C.N.Rys. closes train order office at BurgessvilleCNR.CR.SOD.LSD.65.
1941-09-28 C.N.Rys. service to and from Burgessville as required to handle carload trafficCNR.CR.SOD.LSD.73.
1964-10-25 Burgessville absent from C.N.Rys. time tableCNR.GLR.LA.32, p. 22.
Date Image Notes
Postcard view (rotated and cropped) of south elevation of first station at Burgessivlle in GTR era; building in foreground is the "closet".
Aftermath of the April 1, 1912 wreck.
Clean-up of the April 1, 1912 wreck.
South and west elevations of section station in the early CNR era.
1945-09-04 Image Not Available
NAPL A9208-022
Aerial photograph of Burgessville.
1954c Image Not Available
Marion Austin photo/JPS collection
It has been more than a dozen years since Burgessville has seen regular train service and within a decade the rails will be lifted south to Norwich. The station, once a train order office on the busy Port Dover/Tavistock Junction line, will serve its final days as a storage facility for the packing house across the tracks.
1969c Image Not Available
Al Paterson collection
Burgessville's rail service is a distant memory and the former CNR station now functions as a storage facility for the nearby packing house. Bushel lids are stacked outside the former waiting room windows.
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1954c J.P. Smith C.N.Rys. Second depot.