Cardwell Junction

Station: Cardwell JunctionWas this station was built as a result of the brief period of co-operation between the G.T.Ry. and C.P.Ry. when the latter railway enjoyed running rights between Toronto and Callander? The C.P.Ry. opened its Sudbury-Kleinburg branch on 1908-06-15Wilson-1983, pp. 139 & 140. Or was this a result of the brief period ca. 1880/1883-07-26Wilson-1983, p. 40 during which the G.T.Ry. controlled the T.G. & B.Ry.? Or was this because the G.T.Ry. did have it's own link to Owen Sound—the northern terminus of the T.G. & B.Ry.—until 1894-08-29Bowers-1983, pp. 22.
Subdivision: Milton
Mileage: 41.0
Symbols: n.a.
Train Order: n.a.
Office Signals: n.a.
Sidings: n.a.
Other Tracks: n.a.
Location: (Peel County, Caledon Township)
Date Event
1880 G.T.Ry. assumes control of the T.G. & B.Ry.Wilson-1983, p. 40.
1881-12-08 T.G. & B.Ry. converted from narrow (3'6") to standard (4'8½") gaugeWilson-1983, p. 40.
1883-07-26 T.G. & B.Ry. leased to C.P.Ry.Wilson-1983, p. 40.
1890c G.T.Ry. builds stationCooper-2001, p. 266.
1907c G.T.Ry. closes stationCooper-2001, p. 266.
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1884 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 81203/55, Item 174 N. & N.W.Ry. Station yard. Proposed junction with T.G. & B.Ry. showing station and siding.
1894 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 81203/55, Item 233 G.T.Ry. Station yard. Plan.