Station: Cobourg
Subdivision: Orono Oshawa
Mileage: 73.0 264.01
Symbols: C*K*WXY
Train Order: DN
Office Signals: RU
Sidings: 65 (Eastward Track)
123 (Westward Track)
Other Tracks: Yard
Yard Limits: 5,640 feet east of station
6,865 feet west of station
Location: 563 George Street
HSMBC Report: RSR-202
Designation / Year: Positive / 1993

*Coal only.

*Trains not required to register.

*No. 16 stop on flag at ... Cobourg to entrain passengers for Montréal and beyond and to detrain passengers from Toronto and beyond.

*No. 17 stop on flag at ... Cobourg to pick up passengers for Toronto and beyond and to detrain passengers from Montréal and beyond.

All Westward Freight Trains, except No. 495, when handled by Diesel power, stop at Cobourg for standing inspection. When No. 495 is not required to stop at Oshawa for operating purposes, standing inspection to be made at Cobourg.

Date Event
1911-04-19 Plans for G.T.Ry. freight house and track rearrangement at Cobourg approvedB.R.C. 13448.
1911-06-28 Location and plans for GTR station and restaurant at Cobourg approvedB.R.C. 14111.
1923-08-08 C.N.Rys. opens connection to Orono Subdivision at CobourgNorthern Ontario Railroad Museum & Heritage Centre website.
1926-01-03 C.N.Rys. abandons Orono Subdivision from junction with Oshawa Subdivision to RonnacCNR.CR.NOD.15.