Station: Falding
Subdivision: Algonquin Bala
Mileage: 0.00Junction switch with Bala Subdivision; off siding. 141.9CNR Property Plan No. 1496 (June 1949) shows sign post at 7499+52 = 141.94 (M141 = 7445+08 and M142 = 7497+03) before siding was lengthened from TBD to 101 cars..
Symbols: RZ Z
Train Order: P P
Office Signals: .. FD
Sidings: .. 101Siding on CNR Property Plan No. 1496 is only 2931 ft. long (PS to PS); it appears that the south switch was moved when the siding was lengthened.
Other Tracks: .. ..
Yard Limit Boards: 2,059 feet East of Junction Switch 2,866 feet South
1,538 feet North

Algonquin Subdivision

Trains may leave Falding without obtaining terminal clearance.

Bala Subdivision

Date Event
1925-01-11 Falding appears in time tableCNR.CR.NOD.12/.
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
n.d. NAC RG30M, Acc. No. 78903/42, Item 221 J.B.Ry. Section house. Plan. Elevation. Section.
n.d. NAC RG30M, Acc. No. 78903/42, Item 222 J.B.Ry. Station. Ground and first floor plans. Front and end elevatiosn.