C.N.Rys. Federal

Station: Federal
Subdivision: Beachburg Smiths Falls
Mileage: 6.0 0.00
Symbols: R*Z R*Z
Train Order: N N
Office Signals: RJ RJ
Sidings: 100 ..
Other Tracks: .. ..
Yard Limit Signs: 5,790 feet East of Station
8,212 feet West of Station

Beachburg Subdivision

Operator when on duty will register all trains. When Operator not on duty, Beachburg Subdivision trains not required to register unless otherwise directed.

Trains may leave Federal without Terminal Clearance, provided train order signal indicates "Proceed".

Position of the Junction Switch at Federal is normal when set for Beachburg Subdivision.

Smiths Falls Subdivision

Initial station for Smiths Falls Subdivision trains. Movement of trains between Ottawa and Federal governed by Ottawa Terminals Timetable. Operator when on duty register all trains.

Position of junction switch is normal when set for Beachburg Subdivision.