C.N.Rys. Glencoe

Station: Glencoe
Subdivision: Alvinston Chatham Longwood
Mileage: 0.00Junction Switch with Alvinston Subdivision; distance from Station to Junction Switch is approximately 0.17 miles based on May 1947 property planWilson-2003, pp. 162-163. 27.68 20.38Junction Switch with Chatham Subdivision; distance from Station is 0.18 miles.
Symbols: YZ B*C*XYZ C*R*YZ
Train Order: DN DN DN
Office Signals: GO GO GO
Sidings: Yard Yard Yard
Other Tracks: Yard Yard Yard
Yard Limits: 5,648 feet East of Station 4,437 feet East of Station
5,803 feet West of Station
Location: 1 McRae Street
(Middlesex County, Mosa Township)
HSMBC Report: RSR-268
Designation / Year: Negative / 1995
Date Event
1949-05-03 Wasbash freight train derails blocking both main tracks; service maintained using station trackThe Globe and Mail (Toronto), Wednesday, May 4, 1949, p. 7, c. 6.
Date Image Notes
CN Photo Collection / CSTM / Image CN000399 & CN000819
  • Grand Trunk pay car arriving at Glencoe Station.