C.P.Ry. Harrowsmith

Station: Harrowsmith
Railway: C.P.Ry. C.N.Rys.
Subdivision: Kingston Smiths Falls
Mileage: 85.0 85.06
Symbols: .. ..
Train Order: D D
Office Signals: HS HA
Sidings: 16 ..
Other Tracks: .. ..
Date Event
1930-12-30 C.N.Rys. and C.P.Ry. operating rights to track and station by joint agreementC.N.Rys. Property Plan No. 1060.

3. (a) Harrowsmith. C.N.Ry. trains must not occupy Main track of C.P.Ry. at Harrowsmith until permission has been obtained from Operator on duty, or until such movement has been protected.

(b) The Switch on the C.N.Rys. at crossover west of station is locked with an electric switch controlled by Signalman. There is also a switch indicator at this switch. Trainmen desiring to use the crossover will press the button located under switch indicator. If switch indicator stay at Stop, switch must not be moved, as it is an indication that train is approaching within one-half mile from the west on the C.P.Rys. track. If switch indicator goes Clear, Trainmen will unlock door of Electric Switch Lock located behind switch stand. Opening this door rings a buzzer in the Tower. When the indicator in the switch lock clears, handle must be turned to unlock the switch. When through using switch, return handle to normal position, close and lock door.

Either Crossover Switch open will put both eastward Distant Signals at STOP.

When switching is to be done at the East end of the Yard, either on C.N.Rys. or C.P.Ry., engine and cars to be used in the switching should be cut off to leave balance of train clear of Home Signal.

(c) All trains reduce speed to ten (10) miles per hour passing Harrowsmith (B.R.C. 44593)

1961-11-22 C.P.Ry. authorized to agent Harrowsmith; caretaker to be appointedB.T.C. Order No. 106284.
1963-10-28 C.P.Ry. authorized to remove caretaker and close station at HarrowsmithB.T.C. Order No. 112474.