C.N.Rys. Hastings

Station: Hastings
Subdivision: Campbellford
Mileage: 41.26
Symbols: ..
Train Order: DN
Office Signals: HA
Sidings: 57 (M41.20 to M41.77)
Other Tracks: 31
  • TBD: EW.X (M41.09 to M41.25 off Siding) Warehouse, Coal Shed, Feed Mill
  • Back Track: EW.X (M41.15 to M41.35)
Yard Limits: 3,900 feet east
6,200 feet west
Date Event
1922-06-02 BRC authorizes GTR to build spur for National Cooperage CompanyB.R.C. 32467.
Date Image Notes

Elizabeth A. Willmot photo
Gene Burles photo